Ashwagandha Choorna Tablets - Birla Ayurveda


Quick Overview: Ashwagandha Mainly Know For Its Rasayana Properties And It Is Renowned As An Adaptogenic Herb-It Is Used To Resist Physiological And Psychological Stress By Adapting To The Needs Of The Body Benefits: It Is Indicated In Ayurveda Treatment Of Mainly Kapha And Vata Imbalance. It Has Carminative, Anti Helmintic Property, Anti-Asthmatic, Aphrodisiac, Sedative, Cardio Tonic Property Etc Used In Debilitating Diseases, Insomnia, Arthritis, Semen Disorders, Leucorrhea, Skin Diseases Etc


  • Ingredients: Each Tablet Contains: Powder Of Root Of Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha)-500 Mg

  • Dosage: As directed by your physician.

  • Caution: Keep the bottle tightly closed away from direct sunlight.

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