Certified Organic Arhar Dal Combo Toor dal and Dried Masoor Dal - Indo-Lore


Tuar Dhal Duli Pulse Certified Organic Arhar Dal Combo Toor Dal 1Kg And Dried Masoor Dal 1Kg Un-Polished Harmful Chemicals Free - Indo-Lore


High in protein but easy to digest Goes well with Waran, Pyaaj diye mosur dal, dal fry tadka and plain boiled dal/ soup. Unpolished in stone mill and certified organic Glyphosate free Minimally processed Two favourite cooking dals of India in a combo pack. Tuvar dal meets Masoor dal. Toor dal is very high in protein while masoor dal is high in macronutrients. Dal tadka made using this combo is easy to digest. Maharashtrians swear by toor dal 'Waran' and Bengalis swear by 'Mosur dal'. Both these deals are unpolished and hence healthy without compromising on taste.


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