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Certified Organic, maintains low temperature during extracting oil You may require almost half the quantity of oil for cooking. Still the process gives it 1 year of shelf life, Gentle process gives it a pleasant aroma and mild flavour. It enhances the taste of your Indian cooking, It is unrefined and it expands when heated. No chemicals and preservatives are added. Groundnut oil or peanut oil is traditional cooking oil for a large portion of India. For western India, groundnut oil is the preferable choice for cooking. It improves the taste of a lot of Indian dishes. Also, due to the high smoke point, it is perfect for deep frying. We at Indo-Lore, use best quality Saurashtra peanuts which are organically grown. Oil is extracted carefully without increasing the temperature. Oil is kept to settle and then filtered. This gives our oil a beautiful dark golden colour, good density and pleasant nutty aroma. It not only looks stellar but also adds benefits. That golden yellow colour is because of natural vitamin A. Oils are also naturally rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin D also. (No added vitamins are required like refined oil). These natural vitamins are bioavailable and give benefits to your body. Cold-pressed oils are expensive but understand, it required 2.5 Kg of peanuts to extract 1 Litre of cold-pressed oil. If 1 Kg of organic peanuts costs around Rs. 120/ Kg then how can a refined oil can be sold at Rs. 100/ L? Cold-pressed oils have thickness or density and low heat is involved. This oil expands when heated in a pan. So you actually use half the quantity than refined oil. This saves you money. The Indo-Lore cold-pressed groundnut oil has so many benefits that it is an investment in the long run.


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