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Indo-Lore cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil is 100% certified organic by India Organic NPOP and USDA. This guarantees No Pesticides, Non GMO, No nasty chemicals 100% extra virgin. It is made using fresh coconut milk and not dry coconut. No chemicals and preservatives are added. Still the process gives it 1 year of shelf life. Gentle process gives it pleasant aroma and mild flavour. It enhances the taste of your Indian cooking. It is unrefined and it expands when heated. You may require almost half the quantity of oil for cooking. Indo-Lore cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil is 100% certified organic by India Organic (NPOP) and USA Department of Agriculture (USDA). At Indo-Lore we only promote products which are Indigenous/ traditional as we started with a core mission of 'Bringing back India's Wisdom of Food, Nutrition and Health. This oil manufactured from fresh coconut milk. Coconut milk is kept for some time to collect coconut cream. It is then mildly heated on a flame in the non-toxic container to get this transparent white super-food with mild flavour and aroma. In India, it is traditionally preferred for deep frying and cooking. Cold-pressing uses dry coconuts but a true virgin coconut oil uses coconut milk. Benefits: 1. It is a natural source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). The MCTs break down into ketones that can support memory function. 2. It expands with heat, so you actually need almost half the quantity than refined oil. 3. Rich in Vitamin E. SO beneficial for hair and skin. 4. Study shows it helps lower bad cholesterol and supports heart health. 5. Oils are a good source of Omega fatty acids. MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides helps in weight loss. Western scientists have proven the benefits of MCT and fat loss near your waist and tummy. Traditionally, coconut oil is consumed applied on hair for sharp memory. Sanskrit phrase for it is, तैल बुद्धी (Taila Buddhi). In summer, it is applied on hair for its cooling properties. Rich in Anti-oxidants to fight free radical damage to cells. It reduces cellular stress.


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