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Certified Organic Indigenous Ragi/ Nachni Flour | Stone Ground | Washed And Sun Dried | With Good Fibers | Harmful Chemicals Free - Indo-Lore


Rich in calcium. Better to eat ragi daily than calcium tablets. Certified Organic, 100% desi grown and fair trade from tribal food and small scale farmers, Makes the softest and tastiest rotis. Ayurveda texts says ragi has cooling properties and excellent in summer and Indian climate. Finely ground to avoid heat and loss of nutrients but maintains high fibre and bran content, low carb - high protein - high fibres, Un-polished, Un-bleached, without preservatives. Oxygen and moisture barrier packaging to keep away moisture and elongate shelf life Ragi also has some good number of essential amino acids which are essential for the human body. Few of the key Amino Acids which ragi has are valine, methionine, isoleucine, threonine and tryptophan. Finger millet flour is especially valuable as it contains the amino acid methionine, which is lacking in the starchy staples. Finger millet is very high in calcium, rich in iron and fibre and has better energy content than other cereals. This is also easy to digest and hence make it ideal for feeding to infants and the elderly. If you want to have more calcium in your body, ragi is the ideal food for it. Calcium tablets can you calcium but is it really absorbed in the bones Ayurveda has always recommended ragi for bone health. It has cooling properties and hence ragi s advised to be eaten in the summer per Ayurveda texts. Ragi ladoo makes an excellent snack. Ragi roti is tasty too. Ragi kheer/ payasam given to weak is easy to digest, very nutritious and give instant energy.


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