Help In Weight Loss Lal Chawal Semi Brown Healthy Indigenous Un-Polished Harmful Chemicals Free, Certified Organic Red Rice (Sali) - Indo-Lore


Certified organic / Non GMO / Unpolished /Stone milled /Whole grain /Vegan. No preservatives / No dyes and colors. Packaged to prevent spoilage from moisture and air. Packed in moisture and air protective packaging. Indo-Lore Organic traditional rice is stone milled and unpolished. It comes from India Organic (NPOP) and USA Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified organic. Red pigment comes from anthocyanins, which are rich in anti-oxidants. Wholegrain of red rice is full of fibres. Don't confuse it with brown rice. Brown rice is just ordinary white rice with excessive bran on it which obstruct digestion and mineral uptake in the small intestine. Red rice is a naturally red variety with an optimal amount of fibres in it. It aids digestion, weight loss, satiety and good gut bacteria. Cooks easily as this is aged rice. Cook normally as white rice.


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