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Daily need products for a healthy and energetic life A powerhouse of antioxidants, protein, iron, vitamins and minerals Processed, cleaned and packed with great care to make sure all impurities are removed effectively Vitamins, minerals - rich in potassium and magnesium, high dietary fibre and anti-inflammatory properties Gluten-free and diabetic friendly. Black Rice is grown and harvested by farmers in north-east India. Black rice is also known as purple rice and Asian rice hails. Completely natural and GMO-free product. Black Rice yummiest and healthiest high in antioxidants and dietary fibre, this super-food has amazing health benefits and helps in weight loss. Chef recommended for salad bowls, Buddha bowls, breakfast bowls with milk/coconut milk and fresh fruits, sushi and risotto. Black rice is new wave among health freaks and this is only because of its umpteen health benefits. The consumption of this magical super-food helps in preventing various diseases and promotes good health. Good mineral content Good source of Iron Good source of important Amino Acids Nutritional data (per 100g): Calcium - 33 mg Carbohydrate - 76.17 g Copper - 0.277 mg Fatty acids, total MUFA - 0.971 g Fatty acids, total PUFA - 0.959 g Fiber, total dietary - 3.4 g Folate - 20 mcg Glycine - 0.369 g Glutamic acid - 1.528 g Iron - 1.80 mg Isoleucine - 0.318 g Leucine - 0.620 g Lysine - 0.286 g Magnesium - 143 mg Manganese - 3.743 mg Phosphorus - 264 mg Potassium - 268 mg Protein - 7.50 g fat - 2.68 g Vit B-6 - 0.509 mg Zinc - 2.02 mg source: http://blackrice.com/nutrition/


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