Certified Organic Yellow Moong Dal Dhuli - Indo-Lore


Organic Certified Yellow Moong Dal Dhuli | Un-Polished | Harmful Chemicals Free - Indo-Lore


Our moong dal is 100% certified organic by India Organic NPOP and USDA. This guarantees No Pesticides, Non GMO, No nasty chemicals. Our products are always Indigenous and made using traditional method. So, this is an unpolished dal which provide optimal amount of fibers for good digestion. Indo-Lore moong dal being organic is rich in ANTIOXIDANTS. This keep cellular damage away and keeps you healthier. This moong dal is grown gently to cooks nice, uniform and thick. We have packed in special material which keeps air and moisture away. This protects it's freshness and extend shelf life. Indo-Lore Organic moong dal is deskinned on stone milled and unpolished. It comes from India Organic (NPOP) and USA Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified organic. It cooks nicely with golden colour, thick and lustrous texture.


Indo-Lore Organics


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