Pantry Chawal Briyani Organic Fresh Sona Masuri Rice Fiber Hand-Pounded Raw Harmful Chemicals-Free Certified Sona Masoori Rice - Indo-Lore


2 years aged rice is easy to digest and said to be the best in Ayurveda Certified Organic and ethically sourced keeping fair trade in mind. Un-polished, Un-bleached for just the right amount of fibers. This gives better digestion, good mood and weight loss. Oxygen and moisture barrier packaging to keep away moisture and elongate shelf life. After use remove the air and repack the rice tightly with a clip. This will prevent insects. Rice is one of the most contaminated food in the world. It is often loaded with toxic heavy metals like arsenic and mercury. Hence it is extremely important to consume organic rice. Always go for the certified organic rice for the trust factor or get it directly from a farmer you trust. Sona masoori rice is Indigenous variety of rice called. It is compared to Basmati rice also. Unpolished rice gives enough fibres to keep your gut healthy and mind active. It uplifts your mood and it pacifies your stomach. Indo-Lore unpolished can be great comfort food. Add a spoon full of ghee on hot steaming rice and consume it with some pickle. This instantly makes you calm and composed. This rice is also an excellent choice for jeera rice. Always remember, India is predominantly a rice-eating country for generations and it shall remain our major chunk of diet as it is part of our DNA.


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