Chiruvilwaadi Kashaayam - Birla Ayurveda


Chiruvilwaadi Kashaayam is liquid which is used in the digestion issues.Benefits: piles,fistula,constipation


  • Ingredients: Ingredients: Each 25 ml is prepared out of Office Memo (Botanical/Scientific Name) Part Used -ary. Da 0f - Chiruvilwam (Holoptelea integrifolia) St.Bk4.000g. Punamava (Boerhaavia diffusa) PL4.000g Vohiuddhi(Plumbago rosea) 24.000 Abhaya(Terminalia chebula)Ft.Pp 4.000g, Kana(Piper longum)Ft.4.000g, Nagaram Zingiber officinale) Rz.4,.000g

  • Dosage: 15ml or as directed by physician

  • Caution: Keep away from children

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