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Face Kansa Wand - Nature Therapy


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Face Kansa Wand - Nature Therapy


tightening, toning, rejuvenating and balancing the skin



  • 100% teak wood handle Pure kansa (copper 80% + tin 20%)

USP of the Product

  • based on Ayurveda

How to Use

  • Apply your favourite oil to cleansed and toned skin (our favourite is the Rose after Bath + Face Oil) Place the wand in the center of your forehead and massage anti-clockwise circular motions five times, and then clockwise for another five times Then draw the number 8 on the forehead five times; this will help calm the mind, stimulate memory and improve concentration Take the wand across the forehead in zigzag pattern five times Trail along the jawline in firm circular motions, with your teeth clenched, five times Circle around the cheekbones, five times Massage upwards and downward under the cheekbones, five times. Start from the corner of the mouth, up to the earlobe and back Massage upwards and downward of the jaw line, from the chin, to the ear lobe and back, five times The total massage time should be around 5-7 minutes This massage can be done daily.


  • Wash with warm damp cloth

Age Group

  • 18 years onwards

Skin Type

  • all skin types

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