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Potli - Birla Ayurveda


Podikizhi Is Effective In Curing Arthritis, Paralysis, Neuro-Muscular Diseases, Insomnia Problems And Stimulates The Nervous System. Helpful For Myosceletic Problems, Backaches, Joint Aches, Shoulder Aches. It Revives The Cells Of The Skin And Offers Glow And Vitality. Benefits: -For Relief From Pain & Inflammation. -Podikizhi Is Very Effective For Joint Pain And Swellings Associated With The Increased Kapha.


  • Ingredients: Bala, Devadaru, Guduchi, Kulatha, Kumarisara, Karpurah, Masha, Puchkaramoola, Rasa, Satapuspa, Shunti.

  • Diecrtion of Use : Roots and barks of medicinal plants in powdered form are tied in a sterile piece of cloth into a bolus. The herbs are selected on the basis of the ailment being treated. The herbal powders are first placed in a sterile bowl and fried in different herbal oils depending on the kind of treatment, and then tied into the bolus. Several of these boluses are formed. In the next step, a pan with oil is heated on the stove on low heat. The bolus is heated or dipped in hot oil, and then rubbed on the affected part of the body to begin the treatment process. It is also applied without oil if dry heat is necessary. When the temperature of the bolus starts to drop, a new bolus is used to continue with the treatment. The key is to ensure that the bolus is hot enough throughout the process. Fomentation takes effect when the patient begins to feel sweaty and light. The treatment helps in reducing tenderness, heaviness, stiffness, pain, or inflammation of the joints or other body parts. This is accomplished by improving blood circulation, releasing trapped nerves, enhancing joint movements, and reducing swelling.

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