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Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory, effects & is a very strong antioxidant. Helps maintain a healthy, inflammatory response. Powerful antioxidant that can protect cells from the radical damage. It has antimicrobial properties. Benefits: Potent anti inflammatory and antioxidant, Protects against ultraviolet rays damage, Proven anti ageing effects, A natural antiseptic, Reduces dark circles & acne.


  • Ingredients: Each film coated tablet conatins: Turmeric 500mg, excipients q.x, nutrients perserving, energy 0.28kcal, carbohydrate 0.02gm, protein 0.05gm, fat 0.00gm.

  • Dosage: 1-1 Tablet after Lunch and Dinner

  • Caution: Store in a dry place & ambient, temperature, away from the direct sunligh

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