Hemp Seed Oil 250ml - Boheco Life

Madhya Pradesh

Hemp Seed Oil 250ml - Boheco Life


Raw, unrefined and cold pressed to preserve its Himalayan goodness. Now you can enjoy the bountiful nutrition of this multi-purpose Hemp Seed Oil every day. Its natural, light and flavorful nature makes this oil a great addition to your diet. Hemp Seed Oil is also rich in omegas and is non-comedogenic which makes it great for your skin and hair. This means you can pour Hemp Seed Oil over your favourite food as well as include it in your personal care routine, it will have you glowing on the inside and out!


Material & Ingredients Information

  • Raw , cold-pressed and unrefined 100% hemp(Cannabis Sativa L.) seed Oil.
  • Shelf Life: 1Year.

Care & Use Instructions

  • You can drizzle it over your food and enjoy the nutrition and subtle burst of flavour it offers. Or you can apply it on your skin as the perfect moisturizer!

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