Kizhi Kit - Birla Ayurveda


Quick Overview: Podikizhi Is Very Good For Relieving Spasms And Stiffness Of Muscles. Benefits: Lubricating The Joints, Strengthing The Spinal Muscles And Relieving Joint Pain


  • Ingredients: Badarah Ziziphus Mauritiana Devadaru Cedrus Beodara Kamsamarah Hugonia Mystax Karirah Capparis Decidua Kulatthah Macrotyloma Uniflorum Kusthah Saussurea Lappa Lasunah Allium Sativum Masah Vigna Mungo Rasna Alpinia Galngal Sarsapah Brassica Juncea Satapuspa Anethum Graveolens Sigruh Moringa Oleifera Sunthi Zingiber Officinale Vaca Acorus Calamus Vibhitakah Terminalia Bellirica Yavah Hordeum Vulgare

  • Diecrtion of Use : The medicated oil is applied over affected area and massage gently for few minutes. Podi Kizhi is heated (using a dry sauce pan and placing kizhi over the pan – do not expose directly to flame) and applied over the affected area in soft punches. The bolus is heated intermittently during the course of the treatment. Apply more oil when the oil is absorbed by kizhi.

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