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Plum + Roses Brew - Nature Therapy


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Plum + Roses Brew - Nature Therapy


soothing, refreshing + delicate black tea w stone fruits to boost metabolism and roses + cacao nibs to boost the mood



  • Black Tea, Rose Petals, Plum Bits, Peach Bits, Plum Bits, Cacao Nibs by Mason & Co., Cherry Bits

USP of the Product

  • Melange of plums, peaches, and roses lend a beautiful and refreshing aroma while the black tea and touch of cacao nibs provide depth of flavour. You can also swirl the brewed tea into chocolate cake batter to uplift the notes of cacao

How to Use

  • Water Temp: 80C Steep for 3-4 minutes Number of Steeps: 2-3 times Instructions: Add 1 teaspoon per 150ml cup Always pour hot water on the tea leaves and not the other way around Re-brew: just steep for longer than the first cuP


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