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Seena Leaf Powder 100g (Pack Of 2)


Senna leaf extracts can be applied typically to get smooth, shiny and strong hair. Senna leaves are advantageous in bringing shine to the hair as well as in strengthening and thickening hair. It limits the unfavorable effects of synthetic products on the hair. One of the primary advantages of Senna is that it enriches your hair as well as improves scalp conditions and prevents dandruff. It is notable for dealing with hair loss, as it is a fantastic conditioning herb. Though it does not have hair darkening properties but will provide deep conditioning.


About Benefits

  • Senna Leaves help achieve shiny and smooth hair.
  • It also bears hair strengthening properties.
  • Senna is a better and more effective natural remedy for hair care than chemical hair treatments.
  • It also aids the checking of rapid and uncontrollable loss of hair.
  • Senna deep conditions hair and scalp.

How to Use

  • Mix Seena Powder with water in a 1:3 ratio and make a consistent paste.
  • After mixing it well apply it on your hair, taking small sections at a time.
  • Allow the paste to penetrate into the scalp.
  • Cover your head with a plastic bag and allow it to dry for 1 hour before taking a bath.
  • Rinse until water runs clear.

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