Low Cost to the Buyers: - 
Procuring form the authentic vendors & FPO, the cost of dealer distributor network is eradicated, hence the end customer receives the end product at a lower cost.


Choosy in tie-ups and signing Vendors:-
Orgenik ensures the quality and quantity each vendor can produce or supply. We also identify the background and nature of work of the vendor to ensure flawless process & selective crops by respective vendors. This also ensures a long-term process at our end and ensures the production continuation at the vendors’ end.


We will verify each Process & Product:-
People often mis conceptualize raw with organic food. Organic food doesn’t mean we don’t have the quality measures and benchmark the same. It only means the quality of the food is verified and ensured that the organic measures have been taken care. Whether raw crops or processed food, we have quality parameters to be checked upon for each.


Provide marketing Platform to Vendors to Sell Online:-
Vendors take effort to procure or produce the raw as well as finish products, they somehow lack in the marketing skills & platforms to showcase their products on a larger scale. Our e-commerce  platform ensures a complete eco-system of the sale of the product under one roof & banner. This avoids his hassles to go online & spend a huge amount for his personal store & market it.


Vendors using the best raw material:-
We ensure through our quality parameters that the finished product offered to the buyers is utmost high in quality. And we ensure the same while & after choosing the vendor. We have sudden audits & checks on vendor’s production & sourcing unit to verify the quality of the product supplied. 


Correct rate to the vendors & buyers:-
Due to a less transact of the product from one place to another & avoidance of multi layered marketing channels, the cost of the raw material as well as finished good is reasonable as compared to the market. Bulk buying & bulk orders also ensure correct rates to the buyers / vendors & suppliers.