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Handmade Brass Tea Strainer - Nature Therapy


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Handmade Brass Tea Strainer - Nature Therapy


handmade by village artisans in the finest quality of brass, intricately woven design inspired by basket weaves made from wheat stems. This beautiful handcrafted brass tea strainer is the perfect afternoon tea tray set up for serving our Plum + Roses Brew. Leading an old world charm, this quaint brass strainer is made with the finest quality of brass. The intricately woven basket allows the hot water to pass through, infusing with your choice of tea leaves, herbs and flowers. The design is inspired by woven baskets made from wheat stems. This strainer comes with a specially made white box that allows resting the handle without causing any damage. This is an ideal gift for the conscious and those with elegant tastes.


How to Use

  • Place the strainer on top of the tea cup or mug Add your choice of loose tea blend into the basket portion Gently and slowly pour hot water through the strainer Place the filled strainer in a small ceramic dish when not in use. The same filled strainer can be used for more cups of tea


  • Wash with warm water and allow to dry completely

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