Orgenik.com is an e-commerce marketplace, owned by Orgenik E-commerce Pvt. Ltd. that offers only organic and purely natural products. We deliver native essential produce from different stretches of India. Orgenik.com is a one-stop destination for all the people who share a common desire for health, wellness, and good living and are looking for organic and natural products.

We, at Orgenik, provide a platform that is available to only selected sellers who sell genuine organic and pure natural products that match our high-quality standards. We are humbled to introduce this concept where we try to provide opportunities to sellers while creating an outstanding shopping experience in terms of the quality of products and their core nutritional value to people. Our online marketplace offers ample organic and natural products that serve as a basis of immunity in today’s time.

Our platform is a diligently made online portal that connects buyers with sellers across India. We focus on smart eating for a healthy spirit.

We encourage people to live a healthy life, by offering them organic and chemical-free natural products enriched with a life bettering vitamins and minerals beneficial for the human body.

Before we allow any seller to offer their products on our platform, we verify the seller and products. We verify certifications, testing approvals, quality, and reliability to ensure the best quality reaches the people as we commit.

In this enormous and developing marketplace of India, we are the first to create an e-commerce platform that caters to only organic, purely natural, and premium products judiciously.

Our Vision:

To be the leading e-commerce platform for only organic and purely natural products and to create awareness about organic and natural products globally.

Our larger goal is to create trust amongst people about genuine, authenticated organic and purely natural products and amongst farmers that our platform is the best place on which they can get good prices, services, and potential benefits. We believe that Modern Problems require Modern Solutions. Apart from that, our important goal is to let explore those agricultural products and their varieties that are on the verge of extinction from different states of India based on their specialty and history and showcase all those authentic Indian food products to the whole world.

Our Mission:

To offer the best quality organic and pure natural products that are sourced directly from root level with no chemical usage. 

To provide business opportunities to our sellers that associate and connect with our vision. To empower entrepreneurship while working for a better and sustainable India. 

To share the right and useful knowledge to people regarding our products. To create as much as possible transparency to the people regarding our products.

To reap the maximum benefits from our Mother Earth and at the same time giving it back to it from the process that doesn’t harm it.

To provide a one-stop solution for almost all product categories like Ayurvedic, Beauty & Care, Beverages, Dried Fruits, Nuts & Seeds, Gourmet, Grocery, Specials, and many more to the health-conscious people.

Our Philosophy:

We are committed to providing shoppers the best quality organic and purely natural products along with the shopping experience from multiple different sellers on our platform.

We ensure that all the products that are sold on our platform must share the goodness and benefits of our Mother Earth. We try to develop a sustainable approach towards guilt-free and healthy living. 

Our initiative is not only for our betterment’s favor but also for the homegrown sellers of organic and natural products that walk with us in the philosophy of spreading health and wellness.

We provide our platform to only a few specific sellers dealing with genuine and premium quality products and packaging.

Orgenik Products:

The products that our In-house developed brand Orgenik offers on our platform are guaranteed 100% organic and pure natural products that are procured from the farmlands of their origin from different regions of India which are nutritious in value and nurtures not just the body but the mind as well. We offer full of healthy varieties to choose from which are certified and of excel quality that has rare availability in the usual market. 

Our brand focuses on GI (Geographical Indication) tag products. 

Apart from genuine quality, we charge genuine and fair pricing on our products as we strongly feel that our products should reach every household beyond social and economic barriers.