Aria Pure Vanilla And Aloe Deodorant - Bipha Ayurveda


Aria Pure Vanilla and Aloe Deodorant - Bipha Ayurveda


When the wind around you carries sweet notes of delicious, creamy vanilla kicked up with a floral mist of ylang-ylang and the zingy freshness of petitgrain, rosemary and tea tree you can’t stop feeling happy all day long. 100 % Natural, Alcohol-free, Free from Dyes, Whole day protection, Paraben-free, Free from animal-derived Products, Long-Lasting Fragrance


Directions for Use

  • Before applying the deodorant, either take a shower or wash your armpits. Dry with a towel and roll onto your armpits. Wait a while for the fragrance to settle before you wear clothes for the best results.24 months
  • Shelf Life : 24 Months

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