Coffee Oats Face Scrub - Naturalable



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Coffee Oats Face Scrub - Naturalable


It’s a treat for your skin with the exciting formula of Coffee Extracts, Oats, Raw Honey, Sugar, and Almond Oil which work together to make your skin healthy and glowing! Buff up your skin with this face scrub which has the aromatic fragrance and revitalizing texture of natural coffee. So gently bid adieu to dead skin cells while enjoying many of the other benefits.


  • Natural Coffee Extracts clears clogged pores and removes blackheads.
  • Enriched with Sugar and Oats which are natural exfoliators.
  • Raw Honey helps to remove scars while controlling acne.
  • Almond Oil deeply moisturizes your skin for a supple and healthy glow.
  • Perfect for all skin types including sensitive and oily skin.
  • Contains no additives, parabens, chemicals, or mineral oil.

Kangna Enterprises