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Cow Desi Ghee (A2) -Just Organik


  • 100% NATURAL
  • JustOrganik A2 Desi Cow Ghee is prepared from the milk of the Gir breed of indigenous (Desi) cows.
  • Regular consumption of Just Organik A2 Desi Cow ghee (Clarified Butter) enhances physical and mental strength, and keeps the body healthy.
  • It also helps in taking out the impurities from the body.
  • It enhances eyesight, keeps muscles and tendons healthy.
  • Ghee is an excellent cooking medium because it does not break down in high heat like many cooking oils do, resulting in free radicals.
  • Ghee has a high burning point, so it will neither smoke nor burn when cooked
  • Pure ghee can last for a longer duration of time. It can be stored without refrigeration
  • The body needs certain fats in its diet in order to perform vital functions, including protecting the stomach wall from digestive acids, building and strengthening cell membranes and supporting nerve, skin and brain health.
  • The fats in ghee provide these benefits without any of the trans-fats, hydrogenated oils or oxidized cholesterol of butter and other oil.

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