Garlic Infused Cow's Ghee - ProVedic


Garlic Infused Cow's Ghee - ProVedic


With a high smoke point, Ghee is a healthy (and delicious) cooking medium. Make your dishes healthier and tastier with the goodness and flavor of ProVedic Garlic Ghee. Whether you’re preparing Italian classics like pasta, sauces, salads and garlic bread, or cooking Asian favourites such as noodles, manchurian and fried rice, elevate your dish with ProVedic Garlic Ghee. Your everyday paratha, dosa or idli can be elevated with just a spoon of our Garlic Ghee added as a garnish. If you enjoy cooking, the next time you are sauteeing vegetables or making a spaghetti aglio e olio, replace your usual cooking medium with Garlic Ghee for a heavenly taste and flavour. For recipes, scan the QR code on the product.


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