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Moringa Leaf Powder - Aarshaveda


The Miracle of Moringa Tree Leaves (Moringa Oleifera), commonly called the 'drumstick tree", and 'horseradish tree' is native to India but has been planted around the world and is naturalized in many locales. Moringa is one of the most powerful health-enhancing plants. While many things found in Nature can have one or two health benefits, Moringa has many. The small, rounded leaves of Moringa are packed with an incredible amount of nutrition: protein, calcium, beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium… you name it, moringa's got it. No wonder it's been used medicinally (and as a food source) for at least 4,000 years. Moringa leaf extract is a natural energy booster and contains 18 of the 20 amino acids required by the human body, including the eight amino acids found in meat products. Moringa leaf extract helps control the cardiovascular system, reduces cholesterol levels, supports brain health, cleanse the liver, and enhances wound healing. Improves the digestive system, protects and nourishes the skin, and slows the effects of aging. The leaves of Moringa Oleifera are nature's multi-vitamin providing 7 x the vitamin C of oranges, 4 x the calcium of milk, 4 x the vitamin A of carrots, 3 x the potassium of bananas, and 2 x the protein of yogurt.


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