Organic Mustard Honey - Shoonya

Uttar Pradesh

Organic Mustard Honey - Shoonya

Shoonya Organic Mustard Honey is collected from the boundless mustard fields of Rajasthan & UP. Mustard was always recognized by our forefathers as a traditional superfood and widely appreciated for its versatile uses. Mustard can inhibit cancerous cell growth due to its chemo-preventive quality, according to research. Mustard boosts metabolism, regulates blood pressure, and is good for digestive health. ; Mustard Honey may boost immunity, lower cholesterol levels and enhance overall health.

Key Features:

  • Consistency: Crystallizes quickly, spreadable, smooth
  • Color: White to pale yellow or amber
  • Flavor profile: Mild, floral, delicate notes
  • Pairing: Use Mustard Honey as a spread on crisp, buttered toast (homemade butter is ideal).

DID YOU KNOW? Shoonya Mustard Honey is NOT flavored honey! Mustard is the primary flora from which our busy bees collect their nectar, resulting in honey which is unique in taste, texture and health properties. ; Note: Honey foam is natural and delicious! It contains bits of pollen, propolis, wax, and raw honey trapped in air bubbles. ; Disclaimer: Natural honey tends to crystallize and can be liquefied by placing in hot water or sunlight. ;

Care Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place.

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