Rose Almond Soap - Naturalable


Infused with the richness of Coconut Oil, Kusum Oil, Rosemary Oil, Rose oil, and Roasted Almond, this incomparably exquisite soap has a concoction of essential oil distillates which gives an exceptional satin sheen, softness, and suppleness to your skin. Formulated with soothing, moisturizing, and hydrating properties, this body cleanser offers unique benefits:


  • Replenishes, repairs, and rejuvenates dry skin with rich oil infusion
  • Handmade luxury cleanser that lends an unparalleled bathing experience.
  • Roasted almond extracts keep skin dewy, supple, and hydrated.
  • Rose Oil lends a long-lasting, and exotic fragrance.
  • A melange of botanicals and essential oils that your skin would love!
  • Made with no SLS, parabens, toxins or chemicals.

Kangna Enterprises