Apple Cider Vinegar with mother Ginger & Turmeric 250ml - Jivika Naturals

Himachal Pradesh

Apple Cider Vinegar with mother Ginger & Turmeric 250ml - Jivika Naturals


· The ginger and turmeric organic apple cider vinegar with mother by Jivika Naturals finds a way to every Indian kitchen owing to its natural medicinal value. Produced by fermenting the cider of the best quality apples grown in organically certified apple orchards in Himachal Pradesh along with ginger and turmeric, this apple cider vinegar comes with a high concentration of mother which amplifies its benefits. The higher the quantity of mother, the greater the process of fermentation, making this vinegar rich in natural enzymes and good bacteria. The vinegar’s flavor and qualities are further accentuated with the infusion of natural ginger and turmeric powder. At Jivika Naturals, we ascertain the infusions are from only the powder or paste of organic and original ginger and turmeric, and not any artificial concentrates. Ginger and turmeric together help in augmenting its antioxidation, anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting abilities. After the natural and unadulterated process of fermentation is over, we do not remove the mother and is best known for providing and lasting relief from a variety of medical conditions. Consumed regularly, Jivika Naturals’ ginger and turmeric apple cider vinegar with mother has proven to aid weight loss, maintain blood sugar to an optimal level and improve heart health. In fact, ginger and turmeric apple cider vinegar with mother is one of the chief ingredients of many homemade remedies for treating blocked arteries. Blessed with anti- bacterial and anti- fungal properties, this organic produce is the perfect partner for your hair and skin care rituals. The infusion of ginger clears the plaque in arteries and facilitates better blood circulation. Turmeric, on the other hand, contains curcumin which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in relieving joint pains.


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