Beard Oil for Men - Certified Organic, Hair Growth Oil, Non-Sticky, Conditioning, No Minerals, No Silicone, Vegan & Cruelty Free (30ml) - AMAzing EARTH

Uttar Pradesh

Beard Oil - AMAzing EARTH


AMAzing EARTH Beard Oil for men is a certified organic product, which is non-sticky in nature and is aimed at promoting healthy hair growth. This organic beard oil for men enhances blood circulation, prevents hair breakage and rejuvenates hair follicles thus making the beard hair strong. It replenishes the hydration and nutrient levels of the skin underneath the beard and makes the beard soft, smooth and shiny. Being free of toxic chemicals like silicone and minerals, this beard oil does not cause itchiness, dryness and dandruff. It is powered with certified organic ingredients like Argan oil and Golden jojoba oil that groom and nourish the beard while offering a natural pleasant fragrance.


AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


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