Brazilian Rosewood Plant Based Fragrance Detergent - Born Good

Tamil Nadu

Brazilian Rosewood Plant Based Fragrance Detergent - Born Good


We've packed these liquid detergents with powerful plant-based ingredients that effectively remove stains, deep cleanse, and keep your garments smelling fresh. The contemporary fragrances do not over-power but rather linger till the next wash. Use them for your everyday clothes, linen and towels. They are suitable for front load and top load machines and also for hand wash. Fragrance Detergents, USDA Certified, This is a USDA Certified BioBased Product 72%. It contains 72% organic carbon making it more biodegradable than traditional detergents that typically contain 40% organic carbon. Fragrance Notes: The Brazilian Rosewood variant is infused with floral notes of woody nutmeg and spiced veitver. The Japanese Cypress variant is infused with spicy notes of citrus, pepper and woody musk. Cleaning Efficacy, Our products are tested at Bureau Veritas and are proven to clean at par or better than traditional detergents. Anti Microbial Detergent, Removes Odour Causing Organisms, Our formulation contains strong plant-based agents that removes odour causing organisms found in sweat without stripping the strength of your active-wear. It further prevents the unpleasant odours from building up. Shade Revive Detergent Restores & Revives Dark Colours The innovative Colour Restore Technology we’ve infused in this formulation shows visible results from the first use and only improves with regular use. It effectively restores dark-hued garments and linen by working on enhancing the depth of their dyes and leaving them at their deepest, darkest best.


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