Cold Pressed Virgin Peanut Oil - Olixir Gourmet Oils


Cold Pressed Virgin Peanut Oil - Olixir Gourmet Oils


Our groundnut oil is an all purpose, perfect cooking choice. Olixir Peanut Oil is made With fresh unroasted Peanuts, The extraction process never use any solvents to extract the groundnut oil. Our Oil is unrefined and unfiltered, with which the product is retained with the complete nutrients that you and your loved ones deserve. Replacement for refined oil Groundnut Oil works well with all kinds of Indian cooking because of its non-intrusive taste. The characteristic neutral flavour and light texture can expand its repertoire into an all-around cooking oil, one that easily pairs with other flavours without overpowering them.


  • Features: Made with Fresh Unroasted Peanuts, Retain all essential from oil, Easy to digest
  • Package Contains: Pack of 500ml Peanut Oil
  • Ingridients: Edible Cold Pressed Peanut Oil

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