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Free Grazing A2 Cow Ghee - Sarthak Satvik

  • GARNERED FROM THE A2 MILK OF FREE GRAZING COWS: This desi A2 Ghee is sourced from milk of selected small and marginal desi cow owners of BHAL and SAURASHTRA tract of Gujarat. A2 milk is procured only through our trained procurement personnel.

  • Trust in our Ancient Churning Method: We believe in making ghee using our traditional Bilona churning method with a conventional twist. Using our in-house developed machine, we carefully churn whole milk curd. It involves churning in both clockwise & anti-clockwise that too without any human interaction. We ensure no contamination by human touch making our a2 milk ghee pure & hygiene.

  • Brown Pearl & its goodness: Our A2 desi Ghee made from grazing Desi cow's milk is a natural source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). The coarse texture & rich yellow color is a result of high level of Vitamin A & Carotene as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Easy to digest. Low melting point ensures usefulness while higher boiling point ensures no harmful gas released on burning.

  • Overall Nourishment of the body: Our A2 milk procured desi ghee enhances immunity & protection for your body. Our desi ghee is diet friendly & facilitates weight loss process. With its incredible qualities, our a2 desi ghee also helps in increasing strength of the joints and bones. It breaks down your food intake & helps in healthy digestion.

  • Our Jar is a sign of Taste, Purity & happiness: Our golden brown pearl ghee is packed in sanitized bottles without any human adulteration. Our a2 desi ghee can be consumed directly whereas it can be used in rich food items such as desi ghee sweets & snacks. Our bilona churned desi ghee adds its natural purity, texture & sweetness to the food.

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