Organic Hemp Seed Nutrition Powder - N1rvana Organics

Madhya Pradesh

Organic Hemp Seed Nutrition Powder - N1rvana Organics

Our vegan Nutrition Powder is one of the best sources of complete protein with all 21 amino acids essential for muscle recovery. It is also incredibly rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants and boasts an impressive array of vitamins and minerals. Being one of the most digestible plant proteins, almost all the nutrients present in hemp seed can be absorbed, boosting our internal capacity for physiological rejuvenation. Besides having the perfect ratio (3:1) of the vital fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3, hemp seed is also the only naturally occurring source of Edestin protein - which has the unique ability to stimulate the generation of antibodies, benefiting our immune system. Whether you're looking to build your immunity, shed a few kilos, gain lean muscle, prevent diseases, or simply practice a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, our vegan superfood powder is the perfect addition to your diet.

Re-balance your core and supercharge your immunity with the harmonizing effects of hemp seed.

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