Sky High Eau de Parfum - Fresh Aqua Ocean Breeze Perfume - Adiveda Naturals


Sky High Eau de Parfum - Fresh Aqua Ocean Breeze Perfume - Adiveda Naturals


The sparkling oceanic & classic blend of scents features the exotic top notes of sea breeze and citrus with aquatic and green heart notes amalgamated with amber and musk at the base. From uplifting your moods to arousing your sensuality and ruggedness to making you smell clean, fresh and irresistible, it does it all! Embrace the wave of vigor and energy with open arms! This fragrance shall bring along an aroma of the Mediterranean island blended with that of the sun, the earth and the sea. In other words, it brings you a hundred steps closer to nature! We ensure to give you that proper sea breeze feels. A long-lasting aromatic delight indeed! Be it long sporty days or a day filled with formal business meetings or light evenings with family and friends, you may have just found your go-to choice.


About Brand

  • At Adiveda Natural, we value your skin and money manufacturing elegant and exotic perfumes featuring notes belonging to all fragrance families for professional care. Our perfumes are celebrated worldwide because of our handmade perfumes. Founded by Mrs Nisha Singh on 15th August 2020, the brand stands by the belief that perfumes can impact people's persona, and as a result, they can be remembered life long. So, Adiveda Natural has produced a wide range of natural fragrances. Our products have been aligned for both men & women, thus, they are unique and of top quality. We only use premium quality natural essential oils while formulating our perfumes to provide you best skincare. Handmade Perfumes by Adiveda Natural are state-of-the-art and long-lasting. Each perfume has a distinct scent and aroma, created using fresh natural elements that suit every individual’s preferences. Each perfume gives you a memorable scent specially made for you. We have an exotic variety of handmade perfumes. Take care of your skin, smell better with luxurious fragrances from Adiveda Natural.

How to Use

  • Spray the perfume toward your pulse points at a distance of about 1 feet stepping toward the perfume in the air each time you spray. Repeat the process until you cover all the desired pulse points like your wrist, back of your knee, neck and underarms.

  • Type: cloth/skin

  • Shelf Life: 3 Years

  • Storage Conditions: Cool & Dry Places

Adiveda Organic


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