Cold Pressed Ground Nut Oil - Native Organica


Cold Pressed Ground Nut Oil - Native Organica


Native Organica brings you a range of 6 different types of organic wood pressed oils produced In-House and On-Demand 7 days a week. Our Kachi Ghani differentiates itself from the other brands in the market as we use Wooden Pestle that doesn't pulverize Seeds/Kernels beyond recommended. We believe in producing your oils through the traditional and natural way. We only use the Best of Seeds/Kernels to produce oil from them. We are committed to Zero-Waste Environment where our customers can bring their own container and we encourage this by offering a special price to our customers. Plastic bottles will release toxic chemicals in the oil beyond few days and to guarantee that our customers do not consume any chemicals at all, we use Glass bottles for all our liquid products.


Native Organica


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