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Cold Pressed Jaw Atta - Native Organica


Our Atta is made in a traditional Vedic Chakki. Two key qualities of our flour is that it differentiates other chakki atta available in the market through these qualities:



  • Our flour is Truly Cold Pressed. We use Low RPM (slow speed) chakki which gives Cold Atta unlike other chakk's hot atta which you cannot touch atta for 2 hours. This cold process ensures Zero nutrition loss as we avoid burning of germ oil found in the grain completely.
  • We use a Natural Stone Chakki, just like our forefathers did for generations and as prescribed in Ayurveda. Other chakki's use Emery stone which is man made and contains many chemicals and these chemicals gets into your atta resulting in harder tasteless roti's. We are strictly against using an Emery Stone chakki.
  • We handle our food with utmost care in the most hygienic and clean setup to assure that you get the best quality food for your daily needs.
  • ATTENTION - Emery stone chakki Atta is NOT Chemical Free. Heated Atta from these chakki's destroy's all nutrients.

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