Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil (Glass Bottle) - Florocia



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Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil (Glass Bottle) - Florocia


Our Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard oil is cold-pressed from the finest mustards ensuring high-quality and great taste. The cold-pressing process takes care of the balance between the omega-3 and omega-6 oil keeping your heart protected from risks and problems. Being an essential oil used extensively for cooking, it also holds a lot of miraculous properties. The organic Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard oil helps in treating cold, boosting hair growth as well as immunity. So use it for cooking or immunity-boosting, it depends on you. Cold pressing is one of the best ways to extract oil from mustard seeds. It involves no addition of preservatives or any artificial agent. The oil extracted using this process is a pure, healthy and full of taste product. This Florocia product holds a lot of benefits because the extraction method is so clean that it refrains the oil from every quality damage. Cold pressing is a traditional form of extracting the oil where no heating process is involved that keeps the extracted material, top-notch. Due to the exclusion of any heat treatment, all the minerals and nutrients stay in the product.


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