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Khand (Sugar) Crystals - Florocia


What is Khand (Sugar)? Khandsari is a type of unrefined raw (Sugar) made from thickened (Sugar) cane syrup. It is neither bleached nor contains harmful chemicals and additives. It is full of minerals and other nutrients, making it a healthier choice than refined, chemically treated (Sugar). Made from cold pressed raw cane juice is a traditional unprocessed (Sugar) that contains minerals, nutrients and fibre. Making it a healthier choice than refined, chemically treated (Sugar). Khand or Khandsari is a chemical-free & physically extracted (Sugar) from liquid jaggery. An Iconic desi (Sugar) of India, a local delicacy deserves to meet the world. It is an all purpose (Sugar). It makes beverages delicious and also wonderful for making sweets and baking.But keep a note that Desi Jaggery is more healthier then Khand (Sugar). But Khand (Sugar) is better choice then Refined (Sugar).


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