Organic Whole Grain Noodles (Makka Rawa) - Native Organica


Organic Whole Grain Noodles (Makka Rawa) - Native Organica


Made from cold pressed whole grain Makka flour. Makka is a millet and the most healthy flour that is gluten free. As the ingredients used are 100% chemical free, cold pressed with 100% nutrition rich, our products are obviously unmatched and very healthy. General Pastas available in the market are made from Maida. Maida is the finest flour version made from wheat. Due to extreme fineness there is no fiber left and therefore maida food products stick in our digestive lining and create issues related to constipation and long term degradation of your digestive system. It is important that you switch to Native Organica whole grain Pasta. You cannot stop yourself and your children to eat Pasta but a switch to whole grain pasta is very much needed.


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