Plant Based Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Born Good

Tamil Nadu

Plant Based Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Born Good


A BioBased toilet cleaning liquid that doesn’t require you to run for cover once applied. Because, it's been formulated to keep you and your home safe from toxic fumes and corrosive chemicals. The scientifically-proven natural ingredients we’ve combined are non-corrosive and free from toxins like chlorine, bleach and other harsh chemicals. Born Good Toilet Bowl Cleaner contains powerful disinfectants that kill bacteria while its anti-scaling properties remove skid-marks and prevent yellowing. USDA Certified, This is a USDA Certified BioBased Product 89%. It contains 89% BioBased content which is much higher than traditional toilet bowl cleaners. Gentle for You, Tough on Grime, The strong plant-based formula of this toilet bowl cleaner dissolves dirt and grime, and removes scaling and skid marks, without releasing toxic fumes or skin irritants. Born Good Toilet Bowl Cleaner is made ensuring a neutral pH level that remains non-corrosive and suitable for sensitive skin. Bad for Bacteria & Germs, Our formulation contains strong plant-based agents that kill 99.99% of harmful and odour-causing bacteria without causing harm to surfaces. Arctic Air Fragrance, The refreshing scent of lilies in bloom on a lofty mountainside. Floral, cool and earthy green - a fragrance that softly uplifts.


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