Prickly Passion Elixir - Mirella by Mausam


Prickly Passion Elixir - Mirella by Mausam


Highest source of natural haemoglobin, Prickly pear Elixir is a good immune system booster. It is good for bones and teeth and regulate the digestive process, It can help in regulating cholesterol levels and keeps blood sugar stable, It is rich in antioxidants and used to fight viral infections, It reduces the risk of Alzheimer.


  • Ingredients: Prickly pear fruit juice, sugar
  • How to use:can make prickly pear mojito, lemonade; can be added in fresh fruits; can be used as dressing of pancake/ice cream
  • Storage Instructions: Keep in refrigerator, consume within 15 days once opened
  • Best before: 15 days

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