Desi Cow Ghee 1000ml - Jivika Naturals


Desi Cow Ghee 1000ml - Jivika Naturals


One of the most sought after ingredients in every kitchen, Jivika’s A2 milk ghee brings along natural and unadulterated health benefits to you. The milk for the ghee is sourced all the way from Himalayas from the land inhabited by the Gwala community. Each gwala is provided with a unique identification number to preserve the purity of the milk and prevent adulteration. At Jivika, the process of sourcing ghee starts with providing a chemical free environment to the cows, where they are not chained to structures and exploited beyond their capacity. Rather, the mother cows have the freedom to roam around the meadows of organic farms, bask in natural sunshine and no chemicals or artificial inducements to increase the milk quantity are employed. Once our processing unit receive the pure and unadulterated milk, it is turned to ghee, following the purest form of ghee preparation as mentioned in the Vedas. The pure milk is cultured into curd. Using a wooden bilona, the curd is churned to separate the fermented butter and buttermilk. The former becomes the base for ghee production and is melted on firewood to result in pure A2 ghee. The buttermilk is our contribution back to the community to ensure their well- being. Each step of the process is closely monitored by experienced professional to ensure the production of natural and unadulterated high quality ghee. Naturally easy to digest, A2 ghee comes with numerous health benefits, making it increasingly sought after. Rich in vitamin A, D, E & K and free from bad cholesterol, A2 ghee is best known for boosting immunity and prevent chronic illnesses. Additionally, it is credited as a natural moisturizer, one of the best sources of natural fat and also displays benefits to reduce bad cholesterol. Did you know? A2 ghee is the only Ghee that melts at 36 degrees, below the human temperature of 36.1 degrees. All others in this category have a melting point of over 40 degrees.


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