Multiflora Himalayan Honey - Roses & Tulip

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Multiflora Himalayan Honey - Roses & Tulip


The nectars of the exotic himalayan flowers are collected by the Apis Mellifera bees to make this exotic honey. This amber coloured premium honey from the Himalayas has a very pleasant aroma and flavour. This Honey is Raw and 100% natural and will be a pleasant surprise for your taste buds. Roses&Tulip raw honey can be used in a number of things, as it adds the perfect flavour to your culinary uses, like cookies, brownies or topping it on waffles, pancakes or cheesecake. It can be used as a perfect dip for fruits, and as a spread for toast or rolls.


  • Benefits: Boost immunity, increase stamina, good for the skin. Use it for better taste & smooth texture.
  • Bee: Apis Mellifera
  • Usage: You can replace it with sugar by mixing it in your smoothie, milk, tea, coffee, shakes, with idlis, parathas, toast and whatnot.
  • Container: Beautiful Glass jar with wooden honey dipper
  • Ingredients: Natural and Pure Honey (No preservative, no adulteration, no processing)
  • Shelf Life: 18 months from date of packaging. We take care that products sent out are from the freshest batch.
  • Storage Instructions: Keep in room temperature.
  • Warning: Raw honey should not be fed to babies below one year of age as they cannot digest it.

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