Organic Tulaipanji Poha

Organic "Tulaipanji Poha" is made from the aromatic Tulaipanji Rice, is a perfect breakfast option for you. Organic Tulaipanji Rice grown in Uttar Dinajpur; is parboiled, the husk is removed, rolled and flattened and then it is naturally dried in the sun. The geographical location and the pollution-free environment of West Bengal give it a unique flavour.

Tulaipanji Poha is "beaten rice", a staple breakfast for people in the eastern and southern states of India. It is grown traditionally for more than a hundred years, from August to December. Harvesters believe that the quality of the Poha is dependent on moisture level, the health of the soil and fertility.

One thing that makes Tulaipanji Poha unique is the aroma it carries. When cooked with care and in a traditional way, it can empower your house with a delicious fragrance. It has a soft and supple texture, which makes it look elegant when plated. It should be washed and soaked in water before cooking so that it swells up and brings out the best flavor. To store its fine fragrance and taste, one should store it in a tight container.

No chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, toxins or additives of flavors are added.

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