Premium Gir Cow Ghee 500ml - Jivika Naturals


Premium Gir Cow Ghee 500ml - Jivika Naturals


The Gir cow ghee is one of the most premium products found in the kitchens of Indian household. It’s superiority lies in the process and circumstances of its procurement. Sourced directly from Gir cows found in Gujarat, the Gir cow ghee is available in limited quantities. The milk sourced is less as the cows produce only 6-7 litres of milk per day. This makes their milk extremely precious and therefore, puts it in the premium category. Gir cow ghee sourced by Jivika Naturals comes with a seal of purity, authenticity and a promise of unadulterated produce. The process of procuring Gir cow ghee at Jivika Naturals follows the Vedic method of preparation. The cows are raised and nurtured in chemical and cruelty free organic farms with ample freedom to roam and graze under natural sunshine to bask. Hailing from the radiant land of Gujarat, the Gir Cow are fed only hand- picked grass by the Gwala community, reflected in the nutritious milk they source. The Gir cows are best known for producing premium quality milk, rick in essential nutrients, owing to the presence of A2 proteins, which are healthier than A1 proteins, derived from regular cattle. The milk from these premium Gir cows is cultured to produce curd, which is then fermented and churned in an earthen pot using a clay bilona with a wooden hand churner. The result is a separation of butter and buttermilk where the former is melted over firewood to produce Gir cow ghee. Guided by a social responsibility towards the community, the buttermilk is distributed among the workers and government schools for mass consumption. Gir cow ghee brings to the table fat- soluble vitamins that help in absorption of food nutrients that may be lost in the normal course of meal consumption. This premium ghee is also a great remedy for joint pains and to boost brain functions. Finally, it aids in immunity building and fighting chronic illnesses, especially for young children and the elderly. In addition to medicinal value, Gir cow ghee is considered very auspicious for rituals like Pooja and Yagna in Indian households, for its oxygen generating and air purifying qualities.


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