Certified Organic Brown Sugar - Indo-Lore


Certified Sunehra Bura Desi Khand Kolhu Khandsari Sakkarai Demerara Sugar Un-Refined Raw Harmful Chemicals Free Certified Organic Brown Sugar - Indo-Lore


Certified organic, non-GMO, Unrefined, Unbleached, No preservatives, No dyes, No colours, No added caramel Soft and Moist Packaged to prevent spoilage from moisture and air, 1-year shelf life Good for cakes and payesh. Best for coffee and latte. Good for skin massage to scrub off old skin Indo-Lore Organic natural brown sugar. No added dyes, colour, caramel, flavours and preservatives. It is soft and moist. It can be used to make sweets with mild caramel flavour. It's sweeter than white sugar. It makes good scrub for the skin. Natural ALA helps to scrub off old and dead skin from your face as well as promote new cell growth.


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