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“Himalayan Dried Ginger Flakes”, are from Sikkim-Fully Organic State. They are organically grown and the rich climatic conditions of Sikkim gives them a distinct flavor and a pungent smell. The gingers are sliced into thin flakes and then dried naturally. 

Himalayan Dried Ginger Flakes have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and medicinal properties. They are rich in gingerol – a component rich in medicinal properties and hence are widely used in medicines as carminative and stimulant and are in full demand across the world. 

One can get the purest form of ginger powder by grinding and then sieving these dried ginger flakes at home. This powder of ginger flakes is also known as “Soonth” in Gujarati and “Sonth” in Hindi. This ginger powder is considered as one of the best immunity booster for Covid-19. It is very nutritious and have a numerous health benefits like-cures sore throat, aids digestion, promotes weight loss, cures stomach pain, cures cough and cold, cures arthritis, cures asthma, purifies blood and liver, helps in treating nausea and morning sickness, improves heart health, lowers blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, prevents cancer, controls blood sugar levels and rejuvenates skin. 

The fine ginger powder obtained by grinding these dried ginger flakes at home is used to add flavor to the tea and it is also used for making salads, pickles, soups, curries, ginger lemonade and nowadays it is used a lot to make ginger shots also known as immunity shots. It is used in preparation of various types of cuisines especially in Asia. 

No chemicals, pesticides or color is used. 
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