Natural Himalayan Dried Turmeric Flakes - Sikkim

“Himalayan Dried Turmeric Flakes”, are from Sikkim-Fully Organic State. They are organically grown and the rich climatic conditions of Sikkim gives them strong aroma and distinct color and flavor.

Himalayan Dried Turmeric Flakes have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and medicinal properties. They contain nutrients like manganese, iron, vitamin B6, fiber, copper and potassium. They have high content of curcumin. 

One can get the purest form of turmeric powder by grinding these dried turmeric flakes at home. Turmeric is considered as the most powerful herb in the world. This turmeric powder helps in nourishing the body and have innumerable health benefits like-boosts immunity, improves skin and is used as a face mask, reduces pain, lowers cholesterol, improves cognitive functions, relieves arthritis, reduces heart diseases, prevents cancer, helps in treating alzheimer’s, aids digestion, treats psoriasis etc. It is the most important immunity booster which is used across the world for Covid-19. 

The fine turmeric powder obtained by grinding these dried turmeric flakes at home is used for making healthy delicious dishes, turmeric tea, turmeric milk, curries, salads, medicines, cosmetics etc. Turmeric is an important ingredient in India for cooking and is used on a day to day basis. 

No chemicals, pesticides or color is used. 
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