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No Sulphur, No chuna, No bleach Traditional method of bhindi/ okra stem juice Dried on Iron pans for iron rich jaggery Iron rich Good for digestion We make jaggery in the absolutely traditional way. No doubt it is free of unwanted chemicals. Our jaggery is sulphur-free, chuna/ calcium carbonate free, bleach-free. It is made from organic sugarcanes in the plains of Maharashtra. Water availability and rich black soil nourish the sugarcane to produce a lot of sucrose. Sugarcane is made into juice and then boiled. We remove scum/ Mali to get pure sugarcane juice. To effectively filter this out we use okra/ bhindi stem juice and not chemicals. Further boiling gives thick liquid, which is rolled and dried on the iron pan for iron-rich jaggery making. Our village women, crumple these semi-dried solids into jaggery granules.


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