Natural Rajma - Yellow (Kidney Beans) - Kinnaur


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Natural Rajma - Yellow (Kidney Beans) - Kinnaur

Rajma – Yellow are from the Mountains of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. The climatic conditions of Kinnaur, gives them medicinal values and the chemical free environment of it gives them a unique flavor and aroma. 

Yellow Rajma are known as Yellow Kidney beans because they resemble the shape of a kidney. They are rich sources of proteins and are low in fat but high in fibre, iron, calcium, copper, manganese, vitamin K, vitamin B1, and potassium. They have anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. They are the best vegetarian food as they contain high amounts of protein. They are very nutritious and easy to digest and hence have many health benefits like:

  • Good for heart

  • Reduces cholesterol

  • Good for diabetic patient

  • Boosts memory and energy

  • Promotes weight loss

  • Relieves constipation

  • Prevents hypertension

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Promotes cognitive function

  • Prevents cancer 

  • Strengthens bones 

They are used in making salads, stews, Indian curries, starters, and can be served with any kind of Indian bread. Rajma Chawal is the most favourite combination of all, especially in North India. 

Yellow Rajma are cash crops which are grown extensively and naturally. We do not add any chemicals, pesticides or any artificial color.

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